Saturday, February 7, 2009

How green was the valley...

One of the photos from the permaculture course last summer (I'm in the blue T-shirt, looking toward the speaker). The woman with red hair is one of the property owners, showing us the freshwater spring that's on the property. I look at how lush and green it all is and I can't wait for summer.

One of the course members, who lives in Chicago, bought a farm in Michigan (as opposed buying "the" farm in Michigan). She will take full possession of it this spring, and because she won't be able to turn all of its 17 acres over to a permaculture design right away, has offered plots free of charge to anyone who needs some land to cultivate this next growing season. I jumped at the chance, and hope that this also provides an opportunity to help establish a permaculture farm - I could learn a lot. I'm also really liking her vision of having people on the farm - it could be a really nice place to spend a weekend and have some good community. I've offered to help her with repairs and projects, so while it won't be my farm, I'm hoping to get my nature jones satisfied somewhat.

Is my inner hippie finally coming out?


SP said...

You know, I got a great woven sisal vest you could wear!

JC said...

It will be the perfect accompaniment to my macrame shirt!

You are so jealous.