Monday, February 9, 2009

Who thought there'd be any left to pull?

On Saturday, I brought home the new bunny as a foster-to-adopt pending a successful bonding with Amie. His shelter name is Jean Paul, and he's adorable. Initially, the bonding "dates" went really well, with little dominant behavior, but now as he's getting comfy he's becoming more dominant, which is putting Amie's nose out of joint. I think they will bond, but they need to come to an understanding of who will be the boss. Last night she got so put out by his behavior that she literally leapt up onto my shoulder while I knelt next to them. This is preferable to her fighting with him, but clearly I need to take this slowly.

Whenever I contemplate bringing a new animal into the house, I'm always mindful of the added veterinary cost it could entail. Since everything has been smooth for awhile, I was pretty comfortable with the timing.

And so it was of course that I brought Jean Paul into the house at 3pm Saturday, and by 7pm I noticed George drooling. What little checking of his mouth he let me do indicates that he has a tooth issue - possibly an abscess, certainly something needing an extraction.

"Perfect timing, buddy," I told his pathetic I'm-in-so-much-pain face.

So this morning I'm taking him to the vet to see about relieving him of a tooth and me of several hundred dollars.

Perhaps the kitty tooth fairy will pitch in...

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