Thursday, February 5, 2009

Desire Under The Elms

I got B and I tickets to see this show as a gift to her for her 40th birthday. The show, starring Brian Denehy, had been extended. By some fluke I managed to get two seats in the second row, in the Members Section.

The show overall was really good; Denehy was superb, and the set design blew me away. I believe it was the director's fault, though, for the overblown acting of the young son, Eben. He had two settings: angry and rageful, and it got old. One unfortunate side effect of his ranting style was a considerable spittle-control issue.

I whispered to B, "When he opens his mouth, I'd really like it if the only thing to come out is sound."

She speculated that he'd been directed to froth at the mouth. In that case, I answered, he's following that direction religiously.

Much was forgiven the director when Eben took a bath and we got a full view of his superb backstage. Although the gray-hairs around me clucked and shifted noticeably.

Ah, a loveless marriage of convenience, infidelity, infanticide, a moon shot and Denehy...a good evening all in all.

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