Sunday, November 16, 2008


When I walk in the front door, a beautiful Chinese wall hanging. In the living room a glass vase holding a hundred origami cranes, no two the same. Books in my bookcase. CDs. In the dining room a silver-inlaid icon of Saint George, and a bronze Athenian owl. Postcards and magnets on the fridge. Tea towels from Wales and Liverpool. Tea and Marmite in the cupboard along with a Charles and Diana ceramic mug. Chopsticks, and chopstick holders and soy-sauce dishes in the shape of fish. In the bathroom, two snow globes, a rubber duck wearing a blue hat, bubble bath from Bath, two bottles of Molton Brown shower gel. A Hello Kitty toilet-seat cover. In the bedroom, an inflated Cymru dragon, a Freeplay solar radio. On my jackets, environmental buttons in German. In the closet, a tote with "Stop Animal Testing," also in German. ON shelves and bookshelves, cards and framed photos.

That SP is everywhere.


SP said...

But see how I was completely absent from the comments section of this entry?

JC said...

It was only a matter of time.