Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cancer Center Treatments of America

Is anyone else disgusted with the ads for these centers? The formula seems to go like this:

Patient (female in all but one case) gives a brief scenario of how her evil unfeeling doctor drops the Cancer bombshell on her and walks away, cloven hoofs clicking on the hospital tile.

Patient breaks down in the telling of her story, talks about growing despair. Hears about Cancer Treatment Centers. Goes - doctors are warm! Loving, Supportive! They FIGHT for her! They have holistic approaches! Sensitive practitioners! They give her hope! They cure her cancer!!!!

The exception to this is the one black woman who said "forget you" to her Evil Doctor, did not cry or wallow in dramatic self-pity, and said at the end, "We are fighters."

The other exception is the guy with the New England accent who likewise did not cry or vomit his emotions all over the camera.

Neither of these is shown all that much.

I think the ads' purpose is to elicit sympathy, but it makes me just want to slap them all. Plus it seems irresponsible to to imply that all you have to do is go to one of these centers and they will cure you simply because they care. Now, if the centers do help people, more power to them but their ads are obnoxious.

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