Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stimulus Check

What did I do with my stimulus check? Dinner? Tickets to everything SP and AN want to do when they visit in June? That season pass to the local theater company I've always wanted? An MSR Hubba for my 4-day Permaculture outing this summer?

These are all Stimulus Check-worthy, it's true. But there is an old saying here in the JC household: "When Fortune brings unexpected riches your way, look for the pet that will need some freakishly expensive treatment."

So it was that after I found out what I was getting, I had a conversation with the cat vet about George's (very cheap) thyroid medication. Sure, we can adjust it. Costs me about $13.00 every month and a half! A pittance!

Towards the end of the conversation she said,

"You know, he's had that heart murmur for awhile. I think he should have an echocardiogram done to make sure it's not something we should be treating with medication."

Yes. Of course he should.

And we found out he's an old cat with an old heart. And that this situation might be improved by the adjustment in his thyroid medication.


SP said...

So how much was the ECG?

JC said...

Actually, it was cheap at $475. But of course I've discovered a growth on the base of George's tail, which will need to be biopsied. And he's due for a blood re-check in a week for the thyroid. And I got the reminder that Harry is due for his Senior screen, which is around $350.

These old boys. I love them so.

SP said...

You know, there are cats in China who don't have any potatoes.