Friday, May 16, 2008

This Week In Drag

Went out tonight with my friend B and a co-worker of hers to see a stage production of Die, Momie, Die! Charles Busch's tribute to camp dramas of the 50's.

We recognized two of the actors as Christina and Joan Crawford from the Mommie Dearest showing at the Music Box; they are affiliated with Hell in a Handbag Productions, Chicago's answer to Boston's Gold Dust Orphans.

We had dinner and drinks beforehand at a small bar/restaurant across from the theater, where I was smitten with our waiter/bartender, a husky guy with long hair who knew his beer, and who made furious eye contact with me all night. I'm always unsure about whether to take the plunge in these situations; one one hand, they can't do anything because it would be unprofessional, and if they misread a client it could cost them their job. But I'm never sure whether to leave my phone number on the bill, because I can't tell whether the flirtatious demeanor is interest or just the survival charm of people who live by tips. B--wants to go back, so I'll make sure we go again soon.

There is something sexy about a man who knows how to help you choose a beverage. As I told B-- and her friend, "I'm impressed by men who are knowledgeable about interesting and useful things, and whom I can hand the reins to, because I know that they know what they're doing. Even if it's knowing imported beer like the back of your hand, or the importance of truffle oil."

We enjoyed the show, even though the acting was very variable. The lead was hilarious. After the show, I was admiring the coffee table on the stage, and one of the house people told me it was for sale, I should check the advertisement insert in my program, which gave the name of a retro furniture store.

Leave it to gay men to combine a camp script, cross-dressing, and furniture shopping in one experience.

Friday is B--'s bachelorette party at the Kit Kat club. I'd told Joe about this when I bought my cat food, and he informed me that the KKC is trannies, while the Baton Club is Post-op.

A distinction I'd never have guessed.


SP said...

Wait a minute! So where is this bachelorette party going to be then? You told me it was the Baton (which is rough as old shoes). The Kit Kat is much better. Post-op always scare me. Whatever did people do before there were any ops available? Did they just get on with life?

JC said...

Yes, I know! I was very happy to hear that the venue had been changed. The men I know who go to the KKC are middle-aged gay men with gorgeous condos whose Market Days are WAAAY behind them.

Your old sugar daddies, in other words. I'll send your regards.

I also often wonder what people did before the days of op. Maybe it's like cereal or video games: when you only have one choice, you just live with what you have. Pong used to be a lot of fun.