Sunday, April 13, 2008

Smart People

Saw this movie today. My review, in a nutshell: Smart people have better things to do with their time.

It's nice to see that Sarah Jessica Parker can play someone other than Carrie Bradshaw, but this pointless, formulaic, unbelievable piece of crap is not worthy of its actors. Not since As Good As It Gets was I so insulted by the notion that a smart, successful, beautiful woman is waiting to throw her life at a misanthropic asshole old enough to be her father. Oh, and she accidentally gets pregnant! Enter my other moviegoing pet peeve: the notion that a smart, educated successful woman would not thank God that she lives in a free country, pick up the phone, and schedule her appointment at the clinic. Ever. I mean, not that that has to be the only option in Movieland, but cripes, I've known six women who've had abortions, and that choice is never shown on the big screen as a choice that real women make. At least, not women who we're supposed to cheer for as something other than as tragic, victimized, or mentally unstable.

Instead, we get the usual cop out: this is an irreversible dilemma, because this woman can't take control of her life and remain a sympathetic character (we can accept that she's a physician who is so talented that by 28 she runs the ER of the local hospital, but we can't believe she might actually get a Morning After pill when her partner's condom expertise proves rusty, or that she might actually put her own life plans above motherhood! Oh no! )


So not only does she accept an unplanned pregnancy, but look! Suddenly this will bring everyone closer, and it will make the father want to be a better person! One errant sperm, and suddenly everyone's walking on sunshine!

And I nominate Ellen Page as this year's front-runner for the Dakota Fanning Overexposed Precocity Award.

I left just before the end, once I was sure that the movie wasn't going to redeem itself by being even slightly believable. I'd ridden my bike, so at least I had a good windy ride home to get the experience out of my system.


SP said...

Now wait a minute! Only yesterday you berated me for not wanting to see this.

JC said...

No, I mocked the fact that you had not heard of it because it would be three months before it was released there in Rum, Sodomy, and The Lash Land.

You can thank me now for screening this out for you.

SP said...

I had already screened it out once you told me that it has Sarah Jessica Parker in it.

JC said...

Oh sure, it didn't have the heady commitment to historical accuracy as say,"300"....