Monday, April 14, 2008

At The Library

Went to my local library to drop off batteries in the recycling-collection container there (I've since switched to rechargeables, but with the move coming up, I can no longer ignore my bowl of dead batteries that I'll get to the library someday.)

The local branch is typical of a small satellite library: not a great selection, but a great place for kids to hang out, read, and for people to access the Internet.

Today I remembered: the library has CDs and moveis to rent. For free.

So I took home some Killers and Soundgarden CDs, and for the heck of it, a DVD of Blackula.

The CDs didn't do much for me, so I'm looking froward to a really bad movie.

I also need to set aside a Saturday to familiarize myself with the main Harold Washington Library downtown. They have all kinds of movies and music, but the place is palatial, and my one attempt to stop by after work almost had me lost in there forever.

But they had rows and rows of movies.

For free!


SP said...

I can't believe you don't go to Harold Washington.

JC said...

I know, especially since I work within walking distance. I guess I avoid that area as much as possible since I spend all week there. It's the same reason I never to to the Gene Siskel Film Center, even though it has great movies.