Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yep; he's feeling better.

So Rudy had at one point been treated for a bad bacteria in his gut. Because he's been having some intestinal issues, the vet determined he needed to be treated again, but for a longer period of time to really kill this thing off.

So for three weeks I had to make sure that I was home every 12 hours to give Rudy his meds, and to be there afterward to give him the beneficial bacteria paste that was supposed to re-balance his good flora once the antibiotics had carpet-bombed everything. My life was not my own. Fortunately, Rudy loved the taste of both, so the only challenge was to keep him from tearing the syringe out of my hand.

I'd always thought of Rudy as a little mellow guy, but it turns out that he was mellow only because he wasn't feeling 100%. It's been a couple of weeks since his treatment ended, and it's like he's found some hidden stash of rabbit crack. He is one happy bunny. The other evening I was sitting on the couch reading a book, and I saw him hop out of his room and head down the hallway toward the rest of the house, a common occurrence (he's taken to arranging the bed dust ruffle). Turns out he was only using the hallway as a runway, because a few seconds later I heard the miniature thunder of running rabbit feet, and Rudy sailed thorough the doorway, a good foot off the ground. He landed about three feet into the room, bounced up again, spun 180 degrees in mid-air, and shot off under the sideboard. I burst out laughing because this is really a hilarious thing to watch.

I lay down on the rug and he leaped over to my head (think Atom Ant) to lick my hair. This of course prompted Harry and George, who'd been sitting next to me, to immediately jump down and lie next to my head also, purring for attention. I had a happy furry halo.


SP said...

You didn't even tell me that Rudy was feeling poorly. Rudy. He's a nice enough rabbit, I suppose. Better than that floppy-eared thing that gave me weird looks when I visited last. Which brings me to the main topic - how excited is everyone that I'll be coming to visit? I will obviously want a certain level of commotion when I arrive.

JC said...

If you want some commotion I suggest you tape carrots to your entire body and dip your head in tuna juice.