Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rumors confirmed!!!!!!

The Return of the Non-native shall take place in May! For two glorious weeks I won't have to dial fifteen digits to get my verbal abuse; it will be delivered fresh daily! Sven is already being triflingly provocative, and we've started having pointless arguments in preparation. Subjects include:

1. The deliberately peceived lack of enthusiasm in every inflection of my voice as we discuss his arrival;

2. My forgetting which scent of Moulton Brown body wash he'd gotten me last time, even though there was no name on the bottle, and even though I've told him repeatedly that I'd be happy with any scent; and

3. The coveted Tamara Lee Weffler award.

This will also allow Andrew a much-needed respite from public shamings over improperly used personal-care products. I'm happy to take the hit for you, Man.


SP said...

It's "Molton Brown".

JC said...

Did I mention "Trifling?"

Best time ever!

SP said...

We never once argued about the Tamara Lee Weffler award! Well, until now.

JC said...

It was the most spectacular part of the whole honors ceremony! Well, except for TFB's inspiring violin solo. And being mistaken for you rmother.

Dermalogica Challenged said...

I don't want to jinx things for you (or me!) but I would have to say that he has mellowed a little in the last little while.

Either that or there is more people to spread the 'love' (aka abuse) across.

JC said...

He's just distracted by his plans. Don't let your guard down.