Friday, November 14, 2014

Settling into Normal

Now that I've been here for all of six weeks, I can say it feels longer, but in a good way.

My uncle and I have settled into a happy co-existence, and I think we both like the company. We watch Jeopardy! together and yell at the screen; he buys vegetarian food for me when he sees something interesting, bless his heart. Like many people, he buys things with no regard for the environmental effect of packaging. He has, however, gotten into recycling now that I've implemented it in the household. We give each other space and I try to be helpful without being pushy.

He's cool. I like living here. I like the space, the quiet, the wild turkeys in the yard who also freak me out a bit by coldly observing me while I dump dirty rabbit litter into my makeshift compost heap. My uncle likes the cats. He makes no judgments on the worm composter in the cellar. He avoids burning his beloved Yankee Candles because they aggravate my asthma. He makes unbelievable salads. 

The cats love it here for the same reason I do. The rabbits are more confined, but they have a large area to hang out in, and Sparrow is right now sprawled luxuriously on her side on their rug, something she never did back in the small apartment. 

We're all doing well.

I'm in what appears to be the last stages of a job interview -- two companies seem to want me, which is good. I prefer the one in the 'burbs, a 20-minute drive from the house, where I'd support an in-house legal team of four nice guys. the company is large, profitable, philanthropic, and privately owned.

The other company is in town (in the building incidentally, whose facade was used in Boston Legal as the law firm. Alas, no William Shatner roaming the halls while I was there). It's a publicly-traded property-management company. I'd be doing a 3-month temp gig for a maternity-leave coverage, but during the interview they asked whether I'd be interested in permanent. They need to know by Monday, but I'm their first choice, and they know I'm waiting to hear about the other job, so I'm in the position of being in a hurry to see who loves me most. that office would be more hassle to get to and would involve more commuter expense, but it's in a really pretty part of town, so I could handle it.

I'm happy at the prospect of an income, but will miss my relative freedom. I did some freelance admin for a friend's sister for three weeks, but she was a bit bipolar. More about that later; I've been having trouble with my right arm, and typing hurts. But right now, things are good. I'm doing well.

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