Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Move - On the Road and Arrival

Move over, settling in, so I thought I'd post about the interim since my last post over a few entries, to make the story more acceptable.

Best Friend SP came down from Canada and spent the night at a neighbor's. Next day, he helped me load the truck, and I can truly say he saved me. the other two friends who were joining us on the road were, as SP put it, "absolutely fucking useless."  So it was basically he and I. When one of the Duo complained about how heavy things were (she couldn't carry an empty drawer), I reminded her that I had at one point packed and moved every singe box by myself around the apartment as I prepared to go.

Car rented for the animals? I'd wanted to have access the night before so that I could figure out animal placement, but that didn't happen. Next day they arrived with the car and a back seat full of luggage. JesusMaryandJoseph. Finally got the animals situated, and we set out.

Trip went smoothly save for the occasional call from the other car asking why we slowed down, what was the matter, etc. And at each rest stop I got a running commentary on my driving (which is fine), and my choice of parking space. SP and I were taking bets on the quality and number of comments.

Arrival at my home town, and my uncle's house. Uncle had decided that the room I'd originally asked for the rabbits wouldn't work as it was too central and was used a lot for entertaining. Fair enough, but the issue: the rest of the house is carpeted in off-white wall-to-all. Decided to put the rabbit hutch on my wool area rug on top of the carpet in my bedroom. Had dinner, then to bed. The next day sent the girls exploring while SP and I unpacked the truck. My mother and father arrived.

"I thought you were only bringing a bed!" my mother said.


"I thought you were bringing only a bed!"

And it begins.

"I don't know why you would think that," I said.

A nice surprise: my dad had gotten his 1993 Pontiac Acclaim fixed up for me to use. This is a huge deal, and the first time either parent has done anything so generous without being asked. It may be that they know I need it to get a job, but it's still a godsend.  The car is red inside and out, with plush interior, a sort of AARP pimpmobile. After a week here, I know that I'd have lost my ever-loving mind without it.

My uncle is being great. He loves my outgoing cat, and is trying his best to get the other two to warm up to him. I think he likes the company.

I'd thought that having two people in a 4-br house would mean plenty of room, but it turns out my uncle is that type of modern-day hoarder who keeps a clean house, but whose every inch of closet and basement space is crammed full of duplicates of things he never uses. I cleared out the basement for my things and got the dehumidifier to work, this removing the Private Swamp Effect, and organized some other things. I think he feels a little motivated. I'm trying to be helpful without making him feel invaded.

He keeps the house very dark -- in my old place, lights tended to be on, partly because the place was tiny, partly because I was always moving around the place. Here, he keeps no lights on save a nightlight -- even in the TV room he watches it in the dark. I take refuge in my room, which I keep lighted and where I keep a TV with a new antenna. I'd watch TV with my uncle, but he tends towards things like televised poker matches and shows where people with stupid amounts of money flip mansions.

The house is in the suburbs, one of these streets that dead-ends into a wooded area; wild turkeys wander into the yard, and on a walk in the woods the other day I startled a herd of deer. When books talk about deer "crashing" through the brush, they aren't kidding. I took to singing Desperado" as I walked to alert them of my presence and prevent mutual terror.

Right now I'm feeling claustrophobic and isolated, but keeping busy. Have had an interview with a staffing agency and, thanks to a friend, have connected with a woman who runs a business and who is looking for someone. Right now I'm temping, with possibility for permanent. We'll see. Had first day today, and will go back tomorrow and Thursday.

I knew this would be an adjustment, and I knew it would be a challenge, even though I fully expect it to be temporary.  And it is a challenge. It's hard being in someone else's house, being mindful of the dishes and not leaving things lying about. It's difficult not being able to walk to a single thing. I do miss my little Chicago apartment, full of my things. My bathtub. My fridge. A place full of only me and my pets and my things. I miss walking to the local cafe and train, seeing familiar faces, riding my bike to the Whole Foods. I've been looking online and it looks like I may be able to find a place in a town that would work for me: just outside Boston, on pub trans, plenty of street life. The ability to be around people. Once I get a job.

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karen said...

Thanks for writing this here, I'm sure it isn't only for me, but I am move challenged, so I feel like it is nice to meet me where I'm at.

Sounds like a crazy move, and that horrible time that comes with transition to ... not sure what. I'm so glad you have a lovely red red car from which to launch.

Sending nice thoughts to you from here ...