Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day Three: Fashion Bottle Cap

Today I went for mostly primary colors: bright-red skirt, brown short-sleeved top, bright-blue sweater. jewelry was a bottle-cap necklace with a picture of a smiling coffee pot, with a pull-chain for the chain.

I'm thinking the orange/brown/yellow 70's dress for tomorrow. With off-white lacey stockings and cowboy boots. And a cardigan.


karen said...

These pictures are a freakin' hoot. You are killin' me. And I need something funny this week, lemmetellyou. (I will tell you, but by pm when I get the chance!)

Anyway, once again, totally rad. <3 Please let me know if/when you get any kind of reaction. Also, what do your fellow chaingangers think thus far?

JC said...

My fellow inmates are cheering me on and having a great time. The woman tasked with reprimanding me complimented me on my lacey stockings today (see next post). I think she hated being forced to do the dirty work, and I feel for her, although I pray I'm never in a situation where I feel like I need to eat that much crap.

karen said...

Ya. Let's leave the crap eating to others. I personally believe that is a CHOICE that people don't realise they don't actually have to make. But then, I don't have a job, do I. And I probably won't have a job anytime soon, so pretty much I am talking out of my bottom. Excuse me. =)