Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 4: Remembering the 70's

Today: vintage early-70's polyester maxi dress (shortened) in brown, orange, yellow and white, paired with lacy white hose and brown faux-patent flats. Bronze-colored large dangly earrings. (Inside, I wore with this a long tan loosely belted sweater with designs knit into it.)


karen said...

O. My. Gawd. You rock these looks, and you look like a superheroine to boot!

Anybody notice you are stepping up to the style challenge? (Aside from me, that is?!

JC said...

HA.. the woman tasked with doing the Dept Head's dirty work complimented my tights...I think she feels kind of shitty for having to Follow Orders...but I'm through worrying about why other people choose what they choose. I'd like to think she's happy that I'm showing some spine. Will try to find strapless bra this weekend (many clothes are still bed bug-bagged up), and launch the pink dress on Tuesday!