Sunday, May 6, 2012

Like Sands Through The Hourglass....

Woke today full of energy for all the things I was going to get done, chief among them putting the finishing touches on a canvas and getting some new paintings started. I've decided I'm going to just go for broke and really try to get my stuff out there so that I can make some money on the side. Money from something I like to do.

Well, I did get a lot of things done: took myself to Svea  for breakfast like old times (I needed a solo breakfast out in the worst way), got badly needed pet supplies and some stuff to cook. Called a friend who'd left a voicemail and sounded in a bad way; that took a good 90 minutes, during which I picked up shit around the house and finally took dry clothes off the clothes rack (well, what the cats hadn't already pulled down). Got my asthma medication ($224 - yes I want Obamacare, thank you very much), and came home to cook some food so that I'd have something in the house. Made some kickass Tom Kha soup (here is the recipe with chicken; I modify to make it vegetarian); oh my gosh this soup is easy and GOOD. Also made a large salad, cooked some soaked chickpeas, and set some kidney beans out to soak in order to make a ton of burritos to freeze for lunches next week (I've discovered that dried beans are more work but far cheaper, and I don't worry about them sitting in a can forever before I buy them).

Posted to FB intermittently while doing all this. And here it is 1 am and no painting. Tomorrow I'm heading to Red Door to help out for a few hours; painting will have to be tomorrow night. Lord, I wish I had more free time.....

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karen said...

I meant to write something about this and then I (again) got sick. This time without help from alcohol. Achooo hack hack.

Thanks for the recipe for the soup, the kids were asking when we were next eating Thai so I think I'll include this in the mix. As for beans, from dry is amazing! I have some black beans soaking tonight, will leave them in the slowcooker all day tomorrow and come home to a nice rice and beans dinner (we had indian last night and tonight with brown basmati).

I also rehydrate my chick peas in the slow cooker. The most important thing is to leave enough water over them -- I'm always surprised how much they soak up, especially as I cook them straight from dry. But the chick peas are ethereal, just to eat, or to mix up into amazing homouses. (We copy the ingredients on the side of the containers of "bean boy" -- the dude at the farmer's market who makes yummy homouses that we can't afford. homousi?