Monday, May 7, 2012

Bunnies and Bunnymen

Yesterday I went to Red Door to help with some painting, which is funny, because my first intro to Red Door was volunteering to paint there...the same areas.

Red Door is the only shelter in the city, and only one of a handful in the nation, that adopts out rabbits. It spans several storefront retail spaces, and has been opened up for the main rabbit room. Another woman, Lisa, and I were painting a cat room, a section of hallway, and two of the window nests the cats use. Lisa had a great smartphone that doubled as a radio; she was on Pandora and was rocking some really good 80s-90s music: The Cure, The Psychedelic Furs, Joy Division.

"Oh, I remember this one," I said as Echo and the Bunnymen talked about a killing moon. "It was shortly after graduation; an ex-college roommate of mine shared a room in an apartment with her borderline personality disorder and my clinical depression. Ah, memories."

We painted (the walls, the trim, ourselves), and I took breaks to hang out with cats and rabbits. They have a good crowd in there right now. One of the rabbits went home with a couple I really liked, and another went home later with a nice family.

I was in the window area when "Goodbye Horses" by Q Lazzarus came on. (The song became famous as the song from Silence of The Lambs that plays on the serial killer's stereo while he makes himself up and Clarice Starling tries to sneak into the basement to find his kidnap victim. It's ethereal on its own, but when coupled with the movie, becomes chilling.)

"Oh, God, this song always gives me the creeps now, "said Lisa, shivering.

"I really like it," I said. Then in my best deep Buffalo Bill voice; "I'd f*ck me."

"AHHHHH!" said Lisa, contorting. "That was the creepiest scene."

"I found him kind of hot," I said.

My problems with having a healthy dating life are not that hard to figure out.

We got the job done, and I helped put the rabbits back in cages and break down their exercise pens. It was good to have spent time getting something done and feeling good about it. I biked home in drizzle and had a nice hot bath. And smooched my critters.

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karen said...

Oh nooooo! There are a lot of reasons I don't watch movies like that, and association to songs is at the smaller end of the list. (My ability to watch disturbing scenes over and over again in my head is right at the top -- I still am not over the sabre in Seven, even though I walked out of the theatre in the middle of that scene.

I guess that's why I (a) didn't have much of a dating life and (b) married a keeper. *wink*.

Glad them bunnies got a home, and totally TOTALLY jealous of your getting to wander home on your bike in the drizzle (I love drizzle) to a hot bath (best thing after wandering home in any kind of rain) and critter smooches. Sigh. There are always tradeoffs, and you've just named the only one I actually mourn.