Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Big, Fat, Polish Tuesday

Last night Kevin had me over for pierogis and paczkis. (He's part Polish, and I wanted to be introduced to the world of Polish pre-lenten pastries.) And what better way to top it off than with a VCR viewing of the Dr. Who episode that introduced the Daleks?

Kevin cooked potato/onion pierogis and served cherry and strawberry paczkis. I was wrapped up in "my" Spiderman blanket, and Kevin pointed out interesting things about the show and the Dalek mythology, and we enjoyed ourselves looking for the many times the main character muffed his lines.

Pierogis, pastry, British SciFi and my geeky guy pal. It was a great way to kick off Lent.


karen said...

That sounds pretty good. I no longer observe Lent. My mother tried to teach my kids (she informed her it had been pancake tuesday the night previous) but it didn't go o'er all that well. =)

JC said...

Oh, I don't observe Lent in the religious way. Sven and I just try to use it as a time to focus on self-improvement, since it's already a structured occasion. And of course, we're in competition. Still, the not eating sugar thing has been a huge help; I no longer have to debate whether to have something, or struggle with willpower when something is just off limits.