Monday, February 27, 2012

Making it New

Seeking Elevation has this uncanny knack for expressing my latest ponderings just before I write them. In a recent blog, she relates difficulties in writing to a lack of experience. To write, you have to have new experiences, she suggests.

Exactly what I've been considering lately. I used to love to write; the ideas and sharing just came naturally, and it was a pleasure to feel those words come out and be there. Lately, however, I am stumped, and I fear it's because I have let my world become routine and uninspiring. I'm not unhappy, but I definitely need to shake things up a bit to be more definitely happy.

Things that have changed include a lack of money (less travel, fewer options), and giving up my broken-down car (harder to participate in a lot of the fun Meetup events taking place outside the city, of which there are many). So I've got to re-tool and re-strategize. Get out of my rut.

I saw Keith's show the other night, and it was really good. I'd auditioned, but had not been cast; seeing the show, I saw there were no real roles for me. It was a good production. I bumped into the producer, whom I'd met at my audition, and he encouraged me to audition for the next show, a comedy. I thought about it and decided OK, one more try. I emailed the theater, and they said they had one spot that had just opened due to a cancellation. Fate? Who knows. All I know is my one comedic monologue is just...OK, and since I have just over 24 hours' notice, I'll be practicing it in the bathroom at work.

New experiences....


karen said...

Woot!!! Break a leg, girl!!!

I saw some really ... erm ... interrrresting theatre this week. And some amazing theatre last week.

And you're right. That Seeking Elevation. She's prescient that way methinks. Or just plain gifted. I love that you love her.

I can't wait to hear the story of the audition. Those have defs been missing from your musings of late.

Seeking Elevation said...

I read somewhere just the other day that our morning routine--you know, coffee, yell at the kids, get dressed, yell at the kids, eat, yell, brush, yell--can actually stifle creativity because something or other about how it sets our brain up to follow patterns throughout the day, instead of seeking out new experiences. I'm not sure how to change that, but it's something to think about. Tiny things that we DO have control over. Listen to music in the morning or wake up fifteen minutes earlier to do something or other out of the norm? Thoughts.

Thanks for the shoutout. :-)

JC said...

I agree completely. the worst thing about routine is that I stop seeing what's around me. I realized the other day that in my work commute I always look at the same things, in the same direction on my way to work. That's bad. It's a sort of self-induced coma. The trick for me is finding a balance between the comfort of routine and the numbing of my mind. Tomorrow I'll plan to try a new venue, walk a new route. And I have a job interview on Monday, so a big change could be on its way!

JC said...

Karen -- I want to write; I just feel like I have nothing to say. Like I say, I need to get out of my coma.