Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm in here.

Sorry to be absent for so long - I've not found my life all that interesting lately, which says that I either have to make my life more interesting or get a better perspective.

Here we are in summer. I'm still at the same job, but it's become easier, mostly because I know how to do it and I'm no longer micromanaged. I've proven myself enough, I guess. The problem is that I have a sort of goofy, kinetic, expressive persona, which leads a lot of people to conclude that I'm ditzy or reckless or immature, but over time people see that when it comes to work, I'm Type A all the way, and serious as a heart attack.  A heart attack that does impressions from "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" to tweak Claims Guy.

"I don't want YOUR claim, and I don't want HIS claim, or HIS claim, or HIS claim! I want MY claim, so can I please have my claim now, Nurse Ratched?!?"

There was dry ice left over from some catering event, and Claims Guy put it in a cup with water. I carried the frothing cup around making theremin noises and singing "Science Fiction Double Feature."  And then I saw the department head looking at me from where she'd gotten up, and remembered she was back from her London trip. Fortunately, she finds me amusing. Very fortunately.

Bunny Leroy has a new companion, Sparrow (Lady Jane Sparrow), and they are sickeningly in love. Smitten bunnies. Nothing cuter.

I'm still president of my condo board, and that, too is going easier. We have a terrific board, despite a couple of difficult people, and we're getting a lot done. i'll be presiding over my first hearings of people contesting noise complaints. When it comes to being rude and loud, I'm a hanging judge.

Oh, and I went on happy pills. What a difference 20 mgs make. I'm baaaack...

Had an audition last Saturday, and  although I thought I did well, I've not heard anything, so still no performance opportunities, which I would very much enjoy. I need cheap hobbies. I watch colleagues in shows, and while I enjoy supporting them, my friend B--said it well: "I'm tired of going to shows and thinking, 'I could do that better.'"

So a couple of friends and I are talking about just producing a show ourselves.

I continue to be a drama magnet: first there was a guy jerking off on my train car (CTA employee, when I told her about it: "Honey, when that happens, I just want to say, "Is that all you GOT?"), then a loopy guy who decided to activate the emergency release on the doors while we were at full speed (I jumped up and made him sit down), then the guy at the post office who stole mail from his estranged wife and was pursued by a pack of us until the police showed up. So yeah, I've been busy.

Off to NH next month to climb Mt. Washington, see my family and some friends. Really looking forward to it.


karen said...

Woot !!! Oh, here you are!!!

Yes, yes, yes, you must produce a shew. (My new way of saying show right now, not sure why.) I totally would do that if I weren't knee deep in small children and producing materials for a really amazing group blog. Hey! The master of the blog is in Chicago!

I totally get what you are talking about in the work zone. Way back when I worked, I was that person. Producing flawless(ish) work, and singing show tunes and high-kicking all the way.

My favourite moment: I worked in a industry publications company (Asian Sources Media, yawn) where all of the editorial staff were english and non-chinese, and the support staff were all local chinese so ... english, while spoken, was not always fully understood. At that time, we were all drinking bottles of Japanese 7-up and collecting the marbles that were in the necks of the bottles. One particularly stressful day, I ran up to a group of young chinese women and I threw my collection of marbles on the floor and kind of hollered, "I've lost my Marbles!" and spun around and ran back to my desk.

It took about a week to help them understand what I meant.

Anyway, glad you're back. Freind me on FB if you get the chance and are still there.


JC said...

You and I would have a blast working together. I've become deadly with the large rubber bands.