Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Workness

So I had my annual review in which my department head gushed and told me how the sun shines out my backside.

Well, OK, not really, but pretty close.

And because I've been such a quick learner and because I've transformed things, and because I've so exceeded expectations, they are going to (pick one):

A. Give me a big raise
B. Give me a big raise and a title change
C. Give me lots more responsibility and a 2% cost-of-living raise

I mean, we've all read Tom Sawyer and we know a fence-painting scam when we see one, right? I know the praise was sincere because the department head is a no-nonsense non-ass kisser. They truly think I should be flattered that their solution to other people's lack of organization and technical skill is to just give their stuff to me.

So I emailed a recruiter I know and asked her to find me a job where I won't get punished for being competent. I've already decided I'll walk from my condo if need be in order to take a job I like even if the pay isn't great; I just can't keep dying on the cross of hyper responsibility as I get screwed. Perhaps I should not have finally seen Fight Club because all I keep thinking is, "This is your life. And it's ending one day at a time."


Lee Murray said...

So... There IS another one out there.

JC said...

There are lots of us. Our power is in knowing this.

peacefulmayhem said...

You deserve better. Makes me think of the book Waiter Rant, where he called people who gush about how great the meal was but leave crappy tips "Verbal tippers."

karen said...

Wondering how things are going over there ... Sorry your team lost at hockey (NHL) as that means I have to suffer through more. Hockey.

Take care ...