Thursday, August 26, 2010

Give me back my breath, please.

Yesterday I biked to and from work, as usual, still trying to fight off the cold with exercise. Weather's getting cooler, so headwind season is upon us, and that, combined with my lower energy level, made for a longer ride home. Although on the way I passed a saxophonist playing "I'm In The Mood For Love."

Today so tired and congested (still dry) that I overslept by 90 minutes and took the train in, exhausted. Doctor's appointment tomorrow, a well-timed annual physical. Next week, a wedding back East. I have visions of me in my new discount dress hacking into a hankie.


karen said...

feel better! I am away for the weekend to the seaside (Vancouver Island, Parksville to be exact) with my family and my scary inlaws. Yikes!!! I'll be on my best behaviour. They pick us up at 4.30 am tomorrow so at least I'll have sleepiness on my side for the first few hours.

Really, I hope you feel better before the wedding ... they are so much more fun when one is in the mood (or at least bearable).

JC said...

Thank you! Doctor today actually suspects asthma, for which I've been a bit borderline, but it's been a rough allergy season, which may have pushed me over the edge. So I'm trying an inhaler tomorrow. Woo! Have fun on your weekend, scary in-laws notwithstanding. 4:30! Holy cow! Nyquil is always good to have on hand when you ned to induce a coma.... Bring back stories!