Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sita Sings The Blues

I'd read about this movie in The Reader, and was intrigued, so I decided to check it out.

The back story: The movie's creator (writer, director, animator, editor) was married. Her husband accepted a job in India, went over, and dumped her. She became preoccupied with The Ramayana, and the result was this animated movie, which tells the story of Rama and Sita, and interweaves it with the story of the end of her marriage. 

It was just great. Well told, fantastically creative, hugely entertaining. You can check it out at the movie website, and I think you can watch it from your computer, but if you can see it on the big screen at all, I highly suggest you see it that way. It's mesmerizing. And a lot of fun.


mmaclellan said...

I must try to find it on the big screen-would think watching here on the work computer would be a no no! LOL!!!
P.s. on a later post you mentioned SQUIRRELS in the attic-try bleach or ammonia soaked rags, shove them in the hole, and close the door.Also, the bright light, load radio thing-but, you probably remember all this stuff, anyhow,.......

JC said...

Yes, you would love it. The website gives the places and times it's being shown on the big screen.

thanks for the squirrel hints - I do remember them, but the problem is, there's no internal access to the roof, she;s getting in under an eave. I also don't know why a grown man who is home EVERY DAY can't deal with this. I saw the wife last night and mentioned the squirrel, and the fact that the reason she;s building a nest is to have babies (the woman looked horrified; what do these people THINK animals do in spring?!?!?) I suggested it would be inhumane to wait and move the mother close to her due date when she has no time to secure a new nest. Who knows. Even as I type, I hear the scrabbling, and pieces of insulation fly by the window.