Sunday, May 3, 2009

Broke but productive

What I did today:

Co-hosted a resident orientation.

Worked with a neighbor to clean out the storage room of our tier, hauling debris to the dumpsters.

Disassembled my dining-room table, wrapped and stored it under my bed.

Lay on the floor for awhile in an attempt to stop the racing heart and palpitations that the combination of yesterday's hard biking and today's basement clean out brought on.

Iced my hand. Took ibuprofen. Lay back on the floor. Realized I enjoy lying on the floor.

Rearranged furniture in my living room so that I have a nice sitting area by the windows. I now refer to this area as "the library."

Went off on my cop neighbor about his complaining about condo stuff without being willing to be part of the solution. Realized afterward that heart palpitations had stopped.

Cleaned out my worm bin.

Cleaned the rabbit hutch.

Made a special low-budget "Mexican" dinner from beans, canned tomatoes, soy cheese and corn meal.

Cleaned kitchen floor repeatedly to remove smell of spilled worm-bin juice; finally realized the smell was my budget Mexican meal.

Did three loads of laundry.

Read and forwarded three emails forwarded to me by chagrined cop about severely disturbing gang wilding taking place in Chicago. One gang member mentioned in article is someone cop has arrested. Lives three blocks from our street. 

And now, bed.

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