Sunday, May 17, 2009


SP, taking pity on me for being out of the Euro Loop, has kindly briefed me on this year's Eurovision contest. His BF had some friends over, and most of them, not being European, did not understand the cultural importance of what is, at first glance, a sad parade of horrible costumes and performances that leave us with the single question: "Is that the best they have?"

But as SP points out, "If you want to understand european relations and fashion and war guilt, the Eurovision Contest explains it all."

This year's winner was Norway, in a disturbing Riverdance-ABBA Tribute-Liza Minelli's Backup Singers melange of horrible. I don't think we can blame this one on Lutefisk.


SP said...

Andrew and I do that routine every morning, with changing roles.

JC said...

What, you use the ukulele, and he uses the violin? How are you both coming along on those, by the way?