Sunday, May 17, 2009

Babysitter, heal thyself

So on Friday the weather had me housebound with the twins, and at some point, as tends to happen, things get physical: they love nothing more than being tossed about like potato sacks. I've devised a clever method of sitting, leaning against the couch, tossing each child in the air for a few minutes each. This gives me a good view of the TV, I don't have to get up, and it works my upper body better than a Nautilus. Oh yeah, and the kids like it.

I got a bit bored with the repetition, so I began twisting the girl upside down, bringing her to land softly on her head, then flipping her over. (She has no fear, and I swear will be an amusement-park junkie faster then you can say, "You Must Be As Tall As This Line.")

So from time to time now she'll come over, give me a wide smile, bend over,  and it's my cue to flip her forward onto her head, then over. 

Friday I decided that, since she's so imitative, I'd do a summersault for her as a demo so that she cold do it herself.  Summersaults were such a part of my childhood that I can recall doing them as clear as day, as if it were yesterday.

So when I cleared a path on the carpet and began my roll, I was shocked at how foreign it all felt, how foreign my own body felt.

It was as I rolled over that I felt something ...give in my neck. Simultaneously, I heard a bit of a sound, also coming from my neck.

Through  my mind flashed images of me as a quadriplegic caring for two twins for the several hours until their dad came home.

Then I was over, and I could move my limbs. My neck felt a bit sore, but suddenly... looser. Less tightened up.

I had given myself an adjustment. I did another roll to be sure and yep, no noise, no pulling, just wide-open summersaulting.

The children were amused, but have not yet imitated me. I've gone back to Baby Toss for the time being, Less hazardous.


SP said...

Cluck cluck cluck.

JC said...

You're so jealous.