Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dear SP,

Because you are very stressed and busy and I have the knack for telephoning at exactly the time you are sitting down to eat/watch a show with AN/study, I am going to post this so that you can read and re-read it at your leisure.

With all the interesting things there are to do in the world, and with all the time that the things we don't like to do take up, it seems that we have very little time to give enough attention to the gazillion things we want. It becomes easy to feel stressed and overburdened, because we go in many directions at once, lest we miss something. In your case, working, taking Shiatsu classes, preparing for your first bee colony, planting your terrace garden and defending it from pests, building a straw-bale shed and studying for your Master's degree. That's a lot for one person, even for you. So take a breath, focus on one thing, cut yourself some slack, and call me whenever. I will still be here.  Harry and George may not, but I will be.  

And make sure to let me know if you go off cheese.



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Nice. That's what I get for being supportive.

You sure you don't mean "dd"?