Thursday, April 16, 2009

Maybe I have too much time...

Today Harry was sleeping on the blanket I'd put on the radiator cover for his snoozing pleasure. I watched him, listening to the slight snore he makes. He always looks so peaceful when he's sleeping.

I walked over, leaned in, and put my face next to his.

"I'm hungry," I said.

His ear twitched.

I touched his face with my nose, spoke into his eye.

"I'm hungry. Really. I'd like you to get up RIGHT NOW and get me a snack. Hmmm? How about it? I'm hungry. Right now. Get up. Get up. Getupgetupgetupgetup."

I poked his belly with my finger. By this point he had raised his head, drawn his head back in a "what the--?" attitude, and blinked groggily.

"I"M HUNGRY." I said.

He looked at me.

"How does it feel?" I asked.

He got up, turned the other way, and lay down again.

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