Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just when I thought my rage had a limit.

They are changing the name of the Sears Tower.

"The move is a coup for Willis, which counts Aon Corp. as one of its main competitors. Come this summer, Willis' name will be on a tower taller than Aon Center."

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? this is about who has the taller tower, tradition and history be damned? Just call it the Willy Tower, the Tower of Envy, the Take THAT For All Your British Effeminate Jokes Tower.

Let them know what you think:


SP said...

I did. I made references to Chicago history, the juggernaut of mammon (hey, it's early morning), civic pride, the AON building still being called Amoco despite what it says on the tin as well as to renaming the Empire State Building to the highest bidder and the London Underground after current sponsor Ikea.

SP said...

You can email Willis CEO Joe Plumeri at