Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Two Weeks to The Next Seal Hunt.

Go to to get information on how you can help pressure fishermen to stop this atrocity. Also, the EU is about to vote on a seal-products ban, which would be a major victory. Download a pocket guide to identifying Canadian seafood at your local store.

"The Barry Group is just another example of the fact that the Canadian seafood industry and the Canadian sealing industry are inseparable. As long as consumers support one, they—no matter how inadvertently—support the other. Any individual who opposes the rampant, inexcusable cruelty of the commercial seal hunt, whether the victims are grey or harp seals, should hold the Canadian seafood industry responsible. By refusing to purchase seafood from Canadian companies, consumers can tell Canada’s seafood industry that it must use its influence with fishermen and the DFO to bring an end to its bloody seal hunt. "


SP said...

You can identify Canadian seafood by the maple leaf and asking the oysters what they're going on aboot.

JC said...

The Cod with the hockey sticks.