Monday, March 23, 2009

Already I'm waiting for 2009 to be over.

I had a feeling about this year; I just did.

SP's dad just passed away rather unexpectedly, which is just so sad that there's really nothing more to say than I'm just so sad. And glad that I met him.

I, who have always had temp work within three days of signing up with an agency have had absolutely no assignments. None, for almost three weeks. I get the feeling when I talk to recruiters that they don't hold out much hope, and I wonder what I'm doing wrong, because I was always the golden girl who pleased all the clients and made everyone lots of money.

Not one response to the numerous responses I've sent for job postings. Not even an automated "we got your resume and will respond if we move forward."

My accountant sent a heads-up email that I have to pay taxes this year - I'd taken money out of my IRA to put a dent in the credit-card debt from my obscenely expensive dental work. *sigh.*

So today I went to the admissions office of Harold Washington College to sign up. In a couple of weeks I'll begin registering for classes toward and Associate's in Horticulture, because I have to get some technical training in something that I enjoy. Tomorrow I check out the online Financial Aid application' maybe being unemployed will help with this.

Still, as Rahm Emmanuel says, "Never waste a good crisis." Perhaps all of this will help give me clarity - I'm thinking along new lines, taking new chances, and that may be a good thing. Deep inside I have a sense that this may be an opportunity after all.

But right now I'm tired and going to bed.

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