Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes, he's in!

Stayed home today to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama. I'd originally planned to head to Pioneer Court by the Tribune Building to watch it in public, but a case of vertigo had me up for a good part of the night flushing out my sinuses and being violently nauseated. So I stayed in, glued to the TV all day, dehydrating as I cried endless tears of happiness and pride.

This evening a friend and I headed to a neighborhood bar in Lakeview to watch the inaugural-ball coverage and celebrate with others. Our bartender, a very cute guy, mentioned that this is the fifth president he's seen sworn in.

We did the math.

"So your first president was Reagan." I said. "He was the first president I voted for. I also watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon." I resisted the urge to call him "Sonny."

My friend was surprised that I voted for Reagan, and I explained that when he entered office the country was a mess economically. Reagan seemed to turn that around, so when I came of age for his second term, I voted for him, reasoning that switching horses at that stage was a mistake. I regret voting for him now, but at the time my criteria were less complicated than they are now.

There is something so exciting about this inauguration - SP and I were talking about it today - we feel motivated to actually make a difference, to do something worthwhile with our lives, re-prioritize things and let go of reservations. Another, single, friend says she is considering adopting a child for the first time because she now believes there is hope for the world she would raise that child in.

After eight years of having fear shoved down our throats, having hope and a belief in ourselves is like being raised from the dead.

Let's go, America!


SP said...

*In Maya Angelou's voice*

But first! We shall. Overcome. Dehydration.

JC said...

Has Indrew had the urge yet to kill Maya?