Saturday, January 17, 2009

She Goes

This is the name of new step we learned at swing class today. It's also known as the Reverse Step. It's easy, and it's cool. I was going to link a few online videos that demonstrate it, but the two I watched had poor form (yes I'm a critic already).

What I love most about this dancing is that my job is to follow, that in the successful scenario I would be dancing with a man who knows what he's doing and leads me, takes matters into his own hands, makes all the decisions about what we're going to do. In other words, I'm SUPPOSED to wait for the guy to lead, and he's SUPPOSED to lead. How fantastic is that?

Many of the guys in the group still don't know how to lead; a few do, and it's wonderful to dance with them. At one point I said to one of the guys, "I need a strong hand; I'm a tough woman."

Speaking of which....Eddie was there - I realized Isaac is his pal and they are both there with their girlfriends and they all seem very nice. This does not stop me from continuing the best Entirely In My Head Relationship I have had in a long time. I had two goes with Eddie; on the second one we had some trouble with our steps. CRAP. I laughed, embarrassed, and blushed a bit.

He gave a small smile. "We'll get it," he said.

Clearly, that was his code for professing his love. I swooned all over inside. I breathed deeply when ever we came close, and spent the rest of the time focusing on the tip of the tattoo peering out over his T-shirt, wondering what the rest of the picture is. Mostly, I was thankful that, as with Vegas, what happens in my head stays in my head.

Ladies, this is primal, and I think you know what I'm talking about. How primal? I saw him standing outside with his pals after the class, and he was smoking. AND I DIDN'T CARE. Fantasies are free. And my latest fantasy involves a hot Rockabilly Latino who may or may not be part of a gang. The masculinity is overwhelming and intoxicating.

I joined a the Y today. You know; just in case.


SP said...

You know what happened when Eddie said he didn't like his teddy.

JC said...

I knew he was a no-good kid.

And when he threatened its life with a switchblade knife--

What a guy.

SP said...

Makes you cry.

JC said...

Und I did.