Friday, December 5, 2008

Whole Foods is killing me.

After discussing how we buy groceries when there's perfectly good food in the house, SP and I decided to eat everything we had, within reason, before buying groceries.

After my dinner of 3/4 of a steamed turnip over basmati rice with brown sauce (the remaining 1/4 turnip having gone to Amie the night before) followed by a bowl of popcorn, I decided it was time to shop.

Tonight I bought:

4 carrots
1 bag chestnuts
4 potatoes
2 onions
1 parsnip
1 bunch asparagus
2 packets seitan
1 packet soy cheese
1 bunch parsely
1 turnip
1 bunch celery
1 loaf bread
1 container olives
1 cheap bottle of wine

It came to roughly sixty dollars. There will be some top-shelf soup.


SP said...

Asparagus in December is a non-seasonal luxury you could have done without. Parsley you can grow more cheaply (and annoyingly abundantly at home). Bread you can make at home for about 50 cents a loaf. Wine - well, I guess that's between you and AA.

JC said...

Honey, it;s Chicago; EVERYTHING is non-seasonal right now. I can't grow anything at home right now because it's 13 degrees out, snowing, and everything I try to grow in my apartment dies for lack of sun. I'm right now looking at an orchid hat will not flower, a dead thyme plant, a sickly Thai basil plant, and a bromeliad that has given up hope. Dear Satna, i want some grow lights for Christmas.

Yes, making bread is cheap, very cheap, and the fact that I cannot seem to make a single loaf without disastrous results is a continual thorn in my side.

The wine is sublime.

SP said...

Yeah, but asparagus is probably the most unseasonal thing you could have gotten next to strawberries, Ms Permaculture. What's wrong with dried roots and ivy? Or dust? It's actually quite low in fat.

JC said...

You have become insufferable since you got a boyfriend.