Friday, September 26, 2008

The Truth Is, I Never Left You...

I bank at Washington Mutual, and was bummed when the regulators seized it and sold it to JP Chase Morgan. I've loved banking at WaMu; the staff at every branch I've been is is consistently knowledgeable and friendly, and I love doing business there. I worry about what will happen to these people.

There is a WaMu in the basement of my office building, and the interior entrance is via a small flight of stairs. Tonight after work I went in and as I started down the stairs, the staff here came to attention as it always does when a customer enters.

I paused on the stairs. " You will ALWAYS be WaMu to me!"

There was applause. I felt like Evita Peron addressing the descamisados.

We discussed how WaMu is a state of mind, something that resides in your heart. There were some fists raised in solidarity, we wished each other a good weekend, and I jumped on my bike and came home.


SP said...

The last time I saw you do that you likened yourself to Mussolini addressing the Italian fascistas. What has happened to you?

JC said...

I've paid attention to everything you taught me.