Monday, September 29, 2008

Time, time time, see what's become of me

Friday night: watched the debate. wasn't impressed.

Saturday morning: glass class, followed by a Beekeeper's meetup at a house, during which I offered to watch the door to let attendees in while the owner showed the others his hives in the yard. While sitting in the living room, got a mobile call from a friend offering to take me to an invitation-only showing of a documentary rough cut. Sure, Left the meetup 20 minutes later, headed home, fed the animals, drove to my friend's, she drove us to Pilsen to the National Museum of Mexican Art, where we looked at a Day of the Dead exhibit, ate some catered food, and saw a rough cut of a documentary called "Immigration Nation." Then back to Mrs Murphy's Irish Bistro to have a drink while we waited for the end of that night's performance of "The People's Temple," a show about Jim Jones and his followers, which I had seen the previous week and loved. (My friend is a member of the theater). This night the reporter who had accompanied Congressman Leo Ryan to Jonestown, and had been shot there, was participating in a talk back after the show, so we went afterward to see it. It was simply amazing, and heartbreaking.

Sunday morning: up bright and early to work sales for the Rogers Park Garden group a few blocks from my house. It was a great day and people were fun. There were leftover plants, so I took a bunch to the Metra garden and planted a bunch before heading to one of the members' house for beer and pizza.

And back to work today.


SP said...

We're not men, we're boys!

JC said...

This is apropos of....?