Saturday, June 14, 2008

Random brain twitch

As I re-arranged the furniture in my bedroom for the fourth and final time, I thought about a necklace I had planned to make; I had all of the findings; I just need to assemble it. I thought about this, and decided I'd get around to it someday soon.

Then that voice of insight hit again, cutting through my brain:

"You're going to be dead someday. You won't always have time to get around to it."

Yeah. Today I:

  • Got the worm bin set up and the worms settled
  • Biked 20 miles round-trip to work
  • Took Amie to the vet for a urine test
  • Bought some more soil
  • Finished potting the rest of the plants
  • Caught up with a friend on the phone
  • Ate dinner on the lawn, looking out over the lake
  • Cleaned Rudy's ears
  • Re-arranged my bedroom furniture
  • Put dimmable CFLs into my sconces (they work "OK")
  • Did a load of laundry

And still, I'm aware of my own mortality and the shortness of time.


SP said...

Indrew and I cured cancer today.

JC said...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! CancerCancerCancerCancer!

If by "cancer" you mean "tons of carbs,"and by "curing," you mean "ate our own body weight in," then yes, I believe you.

SP said...

Oooh, SOMEONE's on Atkins!

JC said...

Are you dating another chronically constipated guy?

SP said...

I wish...

JC said...

Love makes us fat and regular.