Sunday, February 10, 2008

Single Neutered Dutch Male Seeks Spayed Female For Platonic Bonding...

So I miss Lola. I miss our routines, and her wiley ways (she was truly a wascawwy wabbit). I miss the way she'd tuck he nose under my chin when I gave her a snuggle. But Rudy has been by himself, and his loneliness manifests itself as a need to follow me around, telling me about his day. ("And then I sat on the rug! And then in the hutch! And then I ate some hay! And then I used the litterbox like a good boy!")

And so a call to the Chicago House Rabbit Society led to a foster caregiver today dropping off Mimi, an adorable black dwarf bunny. An initial introduction between Rudy and Mimi went well, so fingers crossed that it works out.

I've already dubbed her The Meemster.

Photos will be forthcoming, as soon as I can find my camera download cable.

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