Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love's Rocky Rabbit Road

So my initial optimism on a quick friendship between Rudy and The Meemster appears to have been premature. The Meemster is skittish, territorial and having none of Rudy's dominant crap. When rabbits meet, one establishes its dominance by climbing, wrestling-style, on top of the other. With Martha and Lola, their attitude was, "OK, sure; you're the boss. Now let's eat."

The Meemster's response has been to mount Rudy, who then tries to mount her...and soon there is a fuzzy blur of circular me-no-me-no-me action, which escalates into aggression.

Poor Rudy seems to have given up, During tonight's "bunny date" in the bathroom, I placed both rabbits on the floor. Mimi sat there, composed. Rudy looked at her, turned, and came to sit against my foot. "No thanks," he said.

Given how crazy about him Lola was, and how easygoing they were with each other from the start, it's heartbreaking to see poor Rudy having to struggle to make a connection. In the end, they did their dance and I had to break them up. Mimi doesn't mind being picked up and held; her main issue seems to be that, although she got good physical care in foster care, she hasn't had a ton of attention or socialization. The difference between her and Rudy is amazing: Rudy loves to come to me for attention, and seeks out contact; Mimi is shy and territorial and somewhat neurotic. I feel really sorry for her, so I want to give this the best chance I can. This weekend I'll by a pet pen that I can divide so that they can be closer to each other and perhaps acclimatize The Meemster to Rudy's presence.

And in the meantime, lots of smooches for Rudy.


SP said...

Awwwww. That's what happens when you get a lesbian rabbit.

JC said...

Yes, well, I'm hoping she's a sophomore lesbian. You know; just doing it to attract boys.