Saturday, February 2, 2008

I do so love Leonard Cohen.

Still addicted to "West Wing" DVDs, which are taking over my life and denying me sleep. They used a Leonard Cohen song for a particularly moving portion of an episode I watched tonight.

The song, "Hallelujiah," has, I think, one of the most poetic verses in all of songwriting:

Maybe there's a God above,
but all I ever learned from love
is how to shoot at someone
who out-drew you.

That's songwriting, Baby.


SP said...

So THAT's why you didn't want to come out to save me from dying of hypothermia in a blizzard. You were watching the West Wing!

JC said...

Yes, that's it exactly. That, and not the prospect of you sleeping on my porch in a snowstorm when you stop breathing from cat allergies.

SP said...

You could have vacuumed a little.

JC said...

I'd rather watch you suffer; it's more entertaining.