Wednesday, February 20, 2008

For SP, who is especially clamor-ish.

So the Seller has agreed to all of my terms (I'm thinking about a job at the U.N.), but needs clarification on issues that the condo association needs to address. I called the inspector today to make sure I had the correct instructions and understanding, and also gave him permission to speak directly with the other parties.

"When do I get the party invitation?" he asked.

"Oh, you'll get it. You are definitely coming," I said.

He gave a funny chuckle and said, "Keep that energy. It's good."

Laughing at me, or with me?


SP said...

Most likely at.

dp said...

At you - with you - it's all the same after a while, isn't it? (That's what the voices in MY head keep telling ME, anyway!)


JC said...

Do your voices have accents? Mine do; annoying German accents, belittling me and undermining everything I sa-

Oh, wait.

dp said...

Mine are more of a semi-drunk Irish brogue...

JC said...

So my voices are SP; your voices are SP's ex.