Monday, February 18, 2008

Condo update, for my clamoring readership. :-)

Right now we are in the lull between inspection results and my request for remediation by the seller of certain issues, mostly electrical. My agent called today to say that he thinks all will be well, and we expect the wait is the seller getting estimates on the cost of the requested repairs. There is a part of me that wants to have the work done myself, to make sure it's what I want, but I have enough experience with old houses to know that what lies beneath the surface is often ugly. So I'll let the seller deal.

Tonight I found myself in Evanston, looking for a house where a meeting about an urban farm was to take place. It seems that there's some kind of law against making your house numbers legible from the street, so after circling a bit I figured I was close enough, and got out.

It's frigid here tonight, with few clouds and a bright half-moon. A gorgeous, bright, lofty indigo sky. There were no streetlights on this particular street, and I almost broke my neck navigating the sidewalk: we had rain yesterday, and everything has frozen smooth. More than once I found myself frantically pinwheeling my arms as I hit an invisible patch of ice, my back snapping into an arch.

I found the house and rang the bell. the man who answered looked puzzled, and then explained I had the right house but the wrong night; the meeting is tomorrow. We chatted briefly and then I made my spastic way back to my car.

I decided to pass the condo on the way home. As I pulled into the parking lot at the end of the street, the lake and sky were one big dark canvas bordered by frosty, snowy wave breaks. A black dog hurtled across the beach. It was gorgeous.

I'm already beginning to think of it as home. I spend my time mentally redecorating the place, picking out my wall colors, strategizing the kitchen. I've selected a new lamp fomr an online supplier, and I'm thinking about asking my landlord if he'll sell me one of two sideboards that had been removed form the building and been kept in the basement for the last several years.

Fingers crossed that the closing date of March 24 holds.


SP said...

I wasn't clamouring.

JC said...

You were clamoring in spirit.

Snit Boy.