Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bunny Love

Lola was scheduled for her regular tooth trim this Saturday. Because her regular vet was in Kenya on vacation, Lola saw Dr. C., who uses short-term anesthesia to do tooth work. I wasn't crazy about this, but Dr. C. is a highly respected rabbit vet, and I couldn't afford to wait until after my trip.

I sat in the room holding Lola, who has developed a habit of snuggling her nose under my chin at vet visits.

Dr. C. walked in. Mid-thirties, brown hair, blue eyes, slender.

Dr. C. was one gorgeous rabbit doctor.

He took Lola gently to examine her. Instead of setting her on the exam table, he lowered himself to the floor, where he sat cross-legged and gently held her like a baby, checking her all over. As tends to happen when they are nervous, Lola's feet were shaking. Dr. C. spoke to her gently and reassured her.

Had this been a Warner Brothers cartoon, my heart would have been telescoping out of my chest and saying "LUB DUB" with each beat.

Dr. C. also makes excellent eye contact.


He took Lola out, and I sat in the exam room and willed my hormones to stop fizzing like seltzer. When he returned about ten minutes later, Lola was still groggy from the anesthesia, and I took advantage of this to remove some small mats from her butt while I gazed starry-eyed at Dr. C. as he explained the condition of her teeth, and what he had been able to do. I was having a rare moment of total attraction, and this made me nervous.

What made me nervous was that Dr. C. was clearly gay, and I was terrified that I'd look like another pathetic rabbit-owning exotic-vet fag hag. I forced myself to sound casual as we discussed malocclusion, extractions, and pain management.

Did I mention he was wearing scrubs that matched his eyes?

Lub lubbity-DUB.


SP said...

You are so sad. Wait til you see Indrew.

JC said...

I've seen pictures, and the two of you are indeed as cute at two potatoes n a patch. But a gorgeous single (straight--sigh--) vet is the Holy Grail for me.

On to Castle Anthrax. I see a beacon....