Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dear CTA Customer,

This email is to alert you that there is currently severe weather, including heavy rain and high winds, forecasted to reach Chicago during the afternoon and evening rush-hour period today, October 18. It is possible that this severe weather could impact CTA bus and train service. Please take this into account when planning your commute, and please allow for extra travel time on CTA service this evening.

For the most up-to-date CTA travel information, please check and your local news outlet.

Thank you, Chicago Transit Authority

This would explain my walk to the El after work. In a matter of about 45 seconds the sky went from sunny to black/red/yellow storm clouds, and hail the size of sugar cubes began pelting me sideways (due to the instant 30 mph wind). I had to dive into an abandoned storefront with two teenagers to keep from being hailed to death. After the worst had subsided, I ran out into the rain/hail and was immediately drenched, but made it to the El steps while lightning split the sky.

In New England they say the weather is changeable; here, it's positively biblical.

It was glorious, though.


SP said...

I have not had any weather since I moved to London in 2004

JC said...

London is a variation of damp and chilly. Forget blue skies. And happiness.