Monday, August 20, 2007

Upholding The Law

The Law of Conservation of Matter says that matter cannot be created or destroyed. This might explain why, after almost three months of biking 60-80 miles per week, I have not lost so much as an ounce.

Oh, sure, I'm leaner, more fit, and hell, you could bounce a quarter off my gravity-defying ass, but I weigh the same as when I was in February hibernation mode and my only recreation was hot baths and microwaved potatoes.

I know I've traded fat for muscle (or cotton for bricks, as I like to think of it), but C'MON. I guess the desk job is probably the main obstacle to me achieving my thirtysomething weight, but I guess I'm content with having most of my clothes fit again, and having a lot more stamina and energy. And yes, sitting for nine hours a day is probably working against me; hell, if not for biking, Lord only knows what I'd look like.

This of course begs the question of what I'm going to do when winter comes. Right now I'm just planning on biking until the inevitable godforsaken wind stops me (guys in my office who bike have similar stories to mine of giving up and just walking their bikes home). We'll see. If the point comes when I stop biking for the season (and I'm pretty certain that at some point it will stop being fun, start sucking, and then I'll stop), I'll have to incorporate a long walk into my commute. iPod mini, here I come!!!!!

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