Monday, August 20, 2007

...and they just keep coming!

Today I got two more birthday gifts. The first was from Andrew: a bunny hand puppet. I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair. It's PERFECT. Many co-workers came by to try it out; it was quite the office hit.

The second was from Sven: a hardcover edition of Michael Tolliver Lives, by Armistad Maupin, signed by the author!!! I am the one responsible for Sven reading Tales of the City, despite his assertion that he came to it through M---, a German lesbian he knew when he and I were first roommates. Let me tell you: there is nothing so butch as a Deutsche Dyke. She also hated me, because she was very possessive of Sven. (Seriously, what is up with all these male-obsessed lesbians? I have to compete with lesbians for male attention now?)

So for the record, I was the one who inspired Sven to read TOTC, and now he's made up for the uncomfortable afternoon when we rented An Angel At My Table, directed by Jane Campion, where M---spent the entire time pointedly ignoring me and speaking only to Sven. Sven spent the entire time asking me to translate because he couldn't understand the NZ accents.

And NOW he's dating an Aussie! My, how we've come full circle!!!

I called the Misters Pinczewski-Nolan, and thanked them for my gifts. I was told even more were coming because of course now it was a competition.

Hey, M----. See me? TWO gay men fighting to give me presents!!!!!



SP said...

Yeah yeah yeah. Next I know you'll claim to have turned me on to the Alexander McCall Smith books.

JC said...

Thank you for reminding me that it was in that bookstore in Chicago --was it in Andersonville or Boys' Town?--that I introduced you to The Ladies' No. 1 Detective Agency.

Precious Ramotswe. The most perfect name ever, right after Nicotine Flightpath.

SP said...

You gave it to me when you came to visit me in Japan. Your memory is worse than your taste.

Oh, and you forgot to mention that M---- was an East German dyke. You sure know how to pick your adversaries.

JC said...

Yes, but we first saw it (I remembered during my ride this morning - God, I love endorphins) that we looked at it together at that bookstore on Broadway not far from the Melrose. I bought it, and then brought it to Tokyo when I visited you.

Glad we got that sorted out.

M---. She was scary. She with her East German buzz cut, and you with your west German tie-dye and bell-bottoms. Ah, the days.