Monday, July 2, 2007


So at times I get worked up because I feel as though I haven't accomplished anything in a given day. Then I get all cognitive on my bad self, break it down, and cut myself some slack. I'm tired and I need to go to bed, and I was thinking , "Damn, I didn't get much done today." Then I counted:
  • Biked to Whole Foods, got groceries, dropping off rent check on the way;
  • Fed animals, including Lola, who's been acting out of sorts, probably from chowing down on cat litter before I caught her (*sigh*)
  • Did mucho dishes
  • Made popsicles out of leftover bananas, hemp milk , and honey (better than it sounds, trust me)
  • Took in area rug drying in yard tree after being washed of cat pee (really; HOW can I be single?)
  • Lit all candles on my porch to satisfy my ambience addiction
  • Refined spreadsheet for Boston property and payments related to new tenants (did I mention we have new tenants? One month off market - yowza.)
Blog on trip to Michigan forthcoming, I promise; it was a very good time.

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