Saturday, June 30, 2007

Damn you, lead channels!

The local farmers' market started today, which made me happy - I saw all of my old buddies from last year's Summer of Indolence. After stocking up on bunny greens and berries, I biked over to glass class, where I planned to spend just a couple of hours.

Yeah, well, that turned into 4.5 hours, mostly because after having done the first 95-piece panel with no problems, I was having all kinds of trouble with the second (the pattern is identical). A big part of the problem, I'm sure, is that I wasn't feeling that certain fluidity that comes over me when I'm really immersed in what I'm creating. Instead, I was just focused on getting the thing done so that its completion is in sight and I can take a break. My shoddy attention span meant I managed to cut my hand on a shard, had to re-foil several pieces, tear out a lead channel (because of course I'm using copper foil AND lead channel, just to make things interesting), and my soldering was not as clean as it could be.

My soldering, in fact, is my biggest complaint about my work. I know I'm picky, and Fred is always telling me that my soldering is fine, but I'm not fooled. I look at his stuff, which is almost seamless, and then at my lumpy monstrosity, and I know I have some way to go. Yes, the patina hides a lot of it, but I've never been one who's happy to rely on compensatory shortcuts. I'm fine on long lines; it's the joints that get me.

Thing is, the pattern is really striking, even if I need to refine some of the impossible angles. I'm very happy with it, and the finished lamp should look rich. Still, I think I'm ready for a break, and have been thinking about taking wheelthrowing classes again - I think I'm ready to relearn what I lost so many years ago. I also love working with the wheel because it's so relaxing, and the place I'm thinking of has open studio time in the evening s and weekends, so my schedule can be flexible. I was going to try painting again but the studio setup I was looking at isn't going to work for me - there's no way I'm going to be able to put my stuff away after every visit; I just cannot work that way.

Called Indrew/Andrew's house, where Sven's birthday party (whose guests included some co-workers and an apparently misguided Mormon) was in full swing, and wished the birthday boy very happy returns. I'd tried to find an affordable ticket, but apparently last-minute travel bargains aren't what they used to be, so I'd have had to shell out over two thousand to basically fly to England, turn around, and fly back. I'd rather do a proper vacation with Sven (and possibly Andrew!) in January.

Saw Picasso at the Lapin Agile tonight/ I'd always wanted to see it because I love Steve Martin's writing. The production was, unfortunately, missable - mediocre acting and odd staging - but I could tell that the script was something I'd have thoroughly enjoyed if done well.

So that was my Saturday, Tomorrow I got to Michigan for the wedding celebration of an acquaintance who eloped. The only person I'll know here will be the bride. A new adventure.


SP said...

Pobsibly even!

JC said...

What are you talking about? I think turning 31 has brought on senile dementia.