Thursday, June 14, 2007

"It's called 'A Job' because they pay you." - Beth

I realized I haven't posted lately because the only stories that come to mind are job-related. And I don't want to be that person who can talk only about her job, unless I'm a Ninja Poacher-Hunter.

I'm dying to take to the open road and drive somewhere, somewhere unknown. I'm determined to go camping this summer, get out of the city. This will be my first summer in Chicago with a Real Job, and I'm realizing the difference it makes when your entire summer can turn into just a series of weekends unless you are very, very mindful. Biking to work most days keeps me in touch with the outdoors at a minimal level, but I'm feeling the itch for much more. I am somewhat constrained by a series of hideous expenses heading my way, including car repair, dental implants, and expenses/losses relating to loss of our Dorchester tenant to a NYC job transfer.

When I used to throw clay, I never liked to exercise much control over the glaze process, preferring an element of surprise when I saw what came out of the kiln. I guess the translation to my life is that I've never been happy being able to see too far down the road. I like change and growth, pleasant surprises. Unexpected metamorphosis.

Time for bed - must rise to shuffle millions of dollars of construction applications. Big things, distilled into one small day.


Dot said...

I would love to throw some clay. At people. At work. That's my job-related story. I'll take that Dorchester to NYC job transfer any day now.

JC said...

Chicago calls to you!!!! It's pretty here!!! Sure, there are other cities: NYC, San Fran; hell, all of northern California. But Chicago is still affordable. I walked home tonight down tree-lined streets of breathtakingly beautiful buildings and thought, "I actually LIVE here."