Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Valerian, take me away!

So my self-paid health insurance has excluded two conditions from coverage. Forever and ever. Nice.

One of the conditions has to do with my lower back. I'll forgo the paragraph-long description that covers their butt three ways to Sunday; the paraphrase is, "anything to to with lower-back problems, bone-or-muscle-or voodoo-related." This is ridiculous; last year, with exactly the same medical history, I got coverage without this exclusion. This was crazy.

And of course my back is now a mess.

I've ice-packed it (very soothing, let me tell you, to shove an ice pack against the base of your spine), and have ordered the natural muscle relaxants that make me so relaxed and happy.

I may get a lifetime supply.


SP said...

Lallallaa. So your word verification the other day was bayous. It made me sing.

JC said...

I love to sing. I'll sing for you the whole time you're here.